Things I wish Bloggers would do

I love blogging. As an introvert it is my way of getting my thoughts and ideas out in the world with out having to actually interact with people. I love reading posts by other bloggers. It lets me spy into other people’s lives with out being creepy. But there are some things that have gotten annoying.

some things that should be re thought before you go live
Things I wish bloggers would do

Proof Reading

It’s a thing y’all and it needs to be done. I know you wrote it, you labored over it, and when you hit publish you read it again. Give it a couple hours and go back to re read it though. I’m not saying it needs to be English Professor perfect; but spell check doesn’t catch everything. Know the difference between than and then. There, their, and they’re. Your and you’re.

This extends to your pins. Especially since there is no spell check when you’re creating your pins. Most of these mistakes are simple. Your fingers got ahead of your brain type things. Like accidentally typing “10 Great things you can do wiht Canva!” I use Canva. I’m always looking to learn new things and maybe you know something about it that I don’t. But I’m not going to save that pin. Words are your bread and butter. As bloggers we need to make sure we are readable beyond just SEO.


I’ve read all the “How To”s too. I know that red and orange pins get more saves too. But my pinterest feed is becoming a wall of red and orange. I get on several blogs that are full of pastels and all the easy on the eyes happy colors. And I don’t remember a single one of them. Your blog is all about YOU and YOU are what you’re selling. Please don’t tell me we all live in a pink and pastel world. If that is you then great. But if it’s not- please change it up. As bloggers, we are catering to the audience but the audience isn’t all pink and pastel either. I was really into making my own crib sheets awhile back. I found a whole lot of blog posts with the exact same directions. The one I saved was the one with the black sugar skull sheets. Just because it was different.


Stop asking me to give feedback on your pins! Once again, your blog is about YOU. Let YOUR personality come through. It takes me longer to opt out of the feedback and Pinterest has to reload and all this other CRAP just for me to save your pin! Not only am I busy, I’m also pretty lazy. I don’t want to take more steps than I have to.

Also, I get that having pinning options is a great thing. People love options. Can we limit it to 3 or 4 though? I have clicked to pin a post just to be confronted with a photo album. Some of the pictures are completely irrelevant to the article I’m trying to pin even.

Sharing buttons

Please make them obvious. Differentiating between the “share” buttons and the “follow” buttons would be awesome too.  Now that I think about it I should probably go check and see where mine are.

Pop ups

I get it. They are a thing. But can I read more than 3 words before I see one? I may want to follow you, but I don’t know yet. Let me finish the article before you’re pressuring me for a decision. If you’re going to use a pop up please time it for at the end of the post.

False Advertisement.

If your blog says “Click my link for a special price” or anything of that type- I better not be able to open another tab, go to the site, and see it for the same price. That creates trust issues and I’m likely to never buy anything from you. If you’re honest about it and just say “Click here for my affiliate link” or something like that I’ll probably buy through your link. We all have to make a living and since I’m not paying more to give you a commission I would actually RATHER buy through an affiliate link. It’s supporting a small business with out having to leave my house. (Told you I’m lazy) But not if you’re going to lie about it.

Bloggers Unite!

We’re not in competition and can help each other out so much. Find some facebook groups. Influential Mamas has been great for my traffic. Blogging Newbs is run by McKinzie over at and is an open forum for everyone to help each other out. Those are just 2 of probably 10 groups I belong to.

Pinterest is also an obvious go to. If you’re going to be a blogger you have to re think what you think you know about Pinterest. It is second only to Google as a search engine. Get familiar with it and use the group boards. If you’re having problems finding group boards then create one and leave an open invitation to join.

If you’re still in the beginning stages of becoming a blogger click here to see my post about starting a blog. (No special pricing but there are affiliate links)


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