Simple Ways to Save Money

So you want to save some money? Sometimes, starting out with the baby steps is easiest. We have lived on one income for years now because having a parent available at home at all times was super important to us. Every little bit does add up.

Waste less

  • Use pump bottles. It’s hard to be wasteful with portioned amounts. The monsters will dump out an entire bottle of shampoo if they can. Have you tried explaining portion control to a 4 year old? He stares at me with those big brown beautiful eyes, nodding along. Then proceeds to dump the shampoo. Again. I love him. Pump bottle are on awesome investment. Keep refilling them and you’ll have less waste.
  • Use as few squirts as possible. It can be automatic to hit that pump 3-4 times. Try to consciously use as little as possible. Turns out, I only need one pump for my face lotion. I had been using 3. No particular reason, 3 pumps just seemed like a good idea. Now my face lotion will last 3X’s longer.
  • Save your leftovers. One night a week, set up a buffet on the counter. That’s also one meal a week you don’t have to cook.

Turn it off or down

I know, this one seems obvious. We are still guilty of some of these things though. I just remembered to turn off the desk lamp because the over head light is on.

  • Turn off lights in empty rooms.
  • Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees. You’ll end up saving on your electricity and on your water bill. Any hotter and you’ll be using the cold water to cool it off anyway.
  • Shut down the computer. Use time blocking to assign online time (you can read about going offline here) and leave your computer off more.
  • Remember to unplug. Not just from the internet but literally. You’re not going to get that tablet any more charged than 100%. Unplug it already.

Save more

  • Coupons. You can get into couponing as much or as little as you want. There are lots of coupons you can get straight to your phone. Cartwheel by Target puts their own deals with manufacturer coupons all in one place. They also run random gift card offers. Last time I was there Tide was on sale. The Cartwheel app gave me all of Tides coupons, another 25% off offer, and if you spent $30 then they would also give you a $10 gift card.
  • Rebate offers. This is money you’re spending anyway. If you do a lot of your shopping online there are companies that will save you a percentage of what you buy. (You can read about my favorites here)
  • Check out your cell phone plan. We are on a pre paid Verizon plan. For $40 a month I get unlimited talk, text, and around 3gb of high speed data. Since I set up on auto pay, I also get roll over data. To date I think there’s around 8gb available. It’s worth checking around.

Get out of Debt.

Debt sucks. Get out as fast as you can. Credit cards can make life easier and can even make you money. BUT if you can’t pay off your balance every month then you’re spending more for no real reason.

Spend a penny to save a pound

I know this one seems counter intuitive. But look at the small things. Scoopable cat litter lasts longer than non scooping. That equals worth the extra couple bucks. I could have bought a simpler phone for around $50. My $180 phone lets me look up information on the things I’m buying while I’m at the store. I can look up gas prices where I am in real time. Bigger investments count too. Buy the house instead of renting. You can make payments comparable to rent and eventually you’ll no longer have a house payment. Make sure the long term pay off is worth the initial investment.


Start small and work your way there. There are a lot more tips and tricks but this will get you started. Do you have any money saving advice? Comment below. Want to keep up with us here? Pin this article and follow us on the bar below.

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