Planner ideas for 2018!

A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

I love planners! Having a planner gives you a clear picture of how to get where you want to be. Yeah, sometimes things come up that are outside of our control but a plan gives you something to fall back on. I spent all day yesterday going through printable planners, and am going to save you the time! I actually went through several different planners and cobbled together what works for me. Maybe by next year I’ll be able to publish my own planner. I’ll have to put it on my goals page!

Disclosure y'all

Because I was only going to use some of the check lists from Kathy’s planner, I did download the free one. You may like her Grace Filled Planner in it’s entirety though. Click through and check it out! For only 14.99 you get 180+ pages covering just about all your home management needs. There are pages for everything from budgeting to homeschooling to Bible study. With more than 60 relevant Bible verses, it also gives you something to reflect on while you fill up your day. I am an eclectic though and this was for my personal yearly planner. When it comes time to renew my home management binder I will probably go back to take a closer look at this one. For now I grabbed Birthdays & Anniversaries, Dates to Remember, Daily To-Do, and a Notes page. Oh yeah! I got the undated months too!

From Eliza I picked up to do lists with some motivational headings. I put one in the front for yearly goals and one for each month. This way I can see the monthly steps and also keep in mind the big picture. She has a lot of freebie printables covering a variety of organized tasks. If you prefer a more minimalist approach to your planner you can check out her etsy shop too! Don’t forget to sign up for Ebates before you go to get a rebate!

Another plan for 2018 is to get this blog together! I am so easily distracted and have had a lot going on this year. On top of putting a blog together I also had a lot to learn and have been pretty much winging it as I go. The team over at Designer Blogs has an entire blog planner for free! They cover everything you can think of blog related. Speaking of blogs, check out their shop for templates, themes, and designs. They’ve got you covered there too! I printed out monthly goals, stats, calendar, and a topic brainstorming page. In the back of my planner I also have a yearly stat tracker that I will carry over to 2019.

Jibe prints has an awesome collection of all kinds of printables. They do custom orders for everything from weddings to cards and cover a lot of holidays. Need something original? They can work with you on that too. Over in their freebies section you can find (among other things) a free 2018 planner template. I love the look of it but needed more. After downloading I kept the monthly goals and to do page. It’s the first monthly page to look at and see what I want to get accomplished for that month and the steps to get there.

You guessed it! This space is all about organizing. I’m not really a flowery kind of gal but couldn’t resist the Goal Setting page for the start of my month and the Organizing Project page for the end. I like the Goal Setting page because it has separate sections for your Family, Home, Life, and Work. I adore the Organizing Project page because it has a “Let’s Reflect” section to make you sit down and think about what worked or didn’t. The bottom half of the page is for things still to do and a shop and create section.

Miss Mandee designed my weekly planner. I printed out 5 per month with the first and last weeks noting the previous and next months too. I love that the whole week is on one page and its clean design. There’s also a space for notes and lots of room to doodle. If you’re the doodling type. Mandee’s site is full of all kinds of printables and crafts. She also has tutorials on how to use an Illustrator program that I may be looking into.

Putting the Planner together.

With my trusty hole puncher I got all the pages in and have started filling them out. I will need to add some pages  eventually, but my printer really needed a break. Still on the look out for pages to organize Holidays and Bible Study, so if you know where I can find some of those comment below. I love putting together my own planner as opposed to buying one ready made. I hate wasted space and lives change. With my own planner I can decide what pages make it and which ones don’t. And avoid paying for things I don’t need and am never going to use. Putting it all in a simple 3 ring binder gives me the freedom to add in or take out at will, and I love having options.

How to set up your own personal planner.




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