Who would have ever thought I would raise chickens? Let alone try to make an income from them?

But aren’t they cute!

We bought our first chicks, as most people do, at Tractor Supply as an impulse. That was back in 2012 and I believe we have around seventy (70!) now. We have most of them separated in their own runs by breed. I also have a personal collection of chickens (and ducks! I love ducks!) that we have just to have. So here is the out go/ income report on them so far.

I had planned on selling a variety of chickens but then my husband found a deal… So now we mostly have Orpingtons.

Lots if them. To the tune of $250.

I had also bought 13 Ayam Cemani for my collection. (More about them in another post)

$265 (ok maybe I’ll leave my husband alone about his 60 Orpingtons for $250)

Some silkies came in my husband’s deal also.

All these along with the random breeds that had been simply paying their rent in eggs ( and taking every winter off to be free loaders ) for years.

Add in a $450 incubator,¬† $140 feed, other misc things that chickens need $70, and $30 for other misc chickens and that brings the total out go to $1,205. Wow. I’m glad that was spread out over time and that I build all the coops and runs.

To date we have sold 33 chickens and 2 ducks for an income of $360.

Which still leaves us in the hole for $845. I’m just going to ponder that for a moment…

I am still optimistic about this though. We just started back in July of this year so that kind of recovery in that short of a time is a good thing… Right? Spring is usually the time to sell chickens and we only began in the middle of summer.


  • Find more chicken sale places. So far most of these sales were made at an event put on by a local feed¬†store ( Shooks Poultry ) called Chicken Stock. This is only a twice a year event though and I need a steadier income. I am aware that there are other places to set up but I need to make a more comprehensive list.
  • Hatch eggs for next springs sales. Obviously for stocking purposes. You can’t sell what you don’t have.
  • Come up with a name for our little farm to better “brand” us.




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