Going offline in this digital age


I’ve been missing! AWOL! MIA! As a new blogger I was always online. It felt like I always had a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone in front of me. Checking stats, researching, posting, commenting, and on and on. Maybe more established bloggers don’t have to spend the time constantly plugging. But I do. Don’t let all the headlines suck you in. Blogging is hard work. Then the kids had Christmas break and it felt like I had to make a choice. It was not a hard one. So I went offline for a bit.

The Pros

  • The first obvious pro was that I had more time. There’s no way I could have kept up and been able to pull off the crafts, the cooking, or just the every day with the Monster Squad. In case you didn’t know, they’re kind of crazy.
  • I could focus more. I have a very short attention span that is easily distracted. It’s taken me an hour to get this far in this post. My facebook has a lot of notifications. I’m lamenting the weather with my friend (10 degrees this morning!), checking email, and going through Pinterest. I don’t know how people get on Pinterest to do just one thing. That’s just on the laptop. I also have Netflix running on the tablet and messaging my husband on the phone. This is clearly something I need to work on. But going offline took away at least half of where my attention was going.
  • I didn’t feel so rushed. It wasn’t getting done with one thing to go another and I could be where I was.

The Cons

  • My hard earned traffic tanked. Big time.
  • A couple of groups kicked me out for non participation.
  • I missed out on a lot. We, as a society, have gotten used to posting it and going on. People would mention something online to me and I had no idea what they were talking about.

The Lesson

I need to get more organized with my time online. If I could focus on one thing then I could get more accomplished in less time.  Also, the work/life balance needs some adjustment. If I have to choose, it will be the Squad every time. But it doesn’t have to be a choice. This isn’t the 50’s anymore and women have been balancing it for years. So I may have to cut out more of my “social” in the social media. I may have to break out the planner and schedule the time.  But if something has to give, it won’t be the monsters.


Have you ever considered going offline? How do you balance the work life with the home and kid life?


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