Beastie turned 1!

Disclosure y'all


Honestly I don’t really know how I feel about it either. Obviously, she doesn’t care about my thoughts on the matter. Along with all the other 1st birthday emotions there was also some loss. Beastie is our last.

It’s odd that after 7 years this is the end of infancy around here. The last of so many things. The last first smile, hug, step, or word. This was our last first birthday party…

It’s also a time of beginnings though.

Beastie is the only girl.

I had 4 boys before Beastie made her grand entrance. As the only girl life is already different with Beastie. She is definitely the little princess around here and can do no wrong. Monster 2 is my little victim. (and the bully. How does that work?) He has come crying to me based on a claim that Monster 3 is “thinking” about hitting him. Monster 3 is blissfully unaware of any such violent thoughts and is playing with his trains… Beastie on the other hand can kick Monster 2 in the face. His response is to lay down so she can better reach him. I only found out about this mess when I went to see what was so funny.

Beastie’s toys have hair.

What is this? I suddenly have to buy hair detangler. For toys. Hair products for toys. No one else finds this strange? Brushes and combs and hair accessories. FOR TOYS! Where does this madness end? And she’s only a year old! What about when she gets “real” toys?!?!?! I have been through a decade of boy toys and do you know how many of them required their own “hair basket” in the bathroom? Zero, zip, zilch, none. Their hair is simply a painted part of the mold. As it should be.


4 boys happily spent their first year in onesies and diapers. They may have had 2 or 3 pairs of pants for those days we ventured out into the real world. Baby clothes are small. For each 3 month long segment they could share a drawer in my dresser. Beastie has her own dresser. Prior to the boys being born I had a lot of fun going through yard sales and thrift stores looking for their clothes. I got to buy Beastie 5 outfits tops. Everyone I know got her clothes. A lot of clothes. Clothes with ruffles and lace. Coordinating out fits that had to match. Some of them even had shoes! And hairbands! She doesn’t even have hair! I have been informed that this also will get worse with time.

But I digress…

So the birthday party turned out well. Despite the weather (it started raining) and various people having car problems. We went with a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Her cake was simple. After spending 4+ hours on a train cake for one of the Monsters I had decided that if I couldn’t make it happen in less than an hour it would be coming from the store. I did use the wrong kind of icing and 10 minutes after taking it out of the fridge it was melting…

part of the cake

We also put together a pretty awesome banner that I ended up hanging in my living room.

Beastie's caterpillar

Not a great picture (Did I mention it rained?), but each plate has a picture of her from each month.

We had a painting station for the kids. I had cut up egg cartons for them to turn upside down and paint their own caterpillars.I also printed off some color pages for the kids.

We set up a  rollarcoaster  in the driveway. Because it slopes, we had to put a landing pad at the end. The kids loved it! Until it rained. We also pulled all the riding toys out front for the kids. Over the years we have collected a police cruiser, a trainand an excavator. 

It’s been a rainy year around here…so maybe it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been but the kids still had an awesome time.


What fun ideas did you have for a birthday party? How about when it rained?

Have an idea to share? Please leave a comment below!