4 rebate sites that bring your money back!

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We could all use some extra money these days. Whether it’s paying down debt, an unforeseen repair, to build up your savings, or just an extra latte during your trip to Target! Rebate sites are the easiest way to make this happen.


A rebate is a partial refund of your money. There are several sites that will help you find rebates from several stores you are already shopping at. They do this through their own affiliate relationships with these companies. By simply going through their links they will pay you a percentage of what you were already spending. Yes, really! All you have to do is sign up and go through their website to online stores that you are already shopping at. Several sites will put an icon on your browser to let you know if a rebate is available. While you’re not going to get rich using rebate offers, it is bringing your money back to you.

change adds up!
change adds up


Ebates advertises rebates as high as 25% though most are going to be closer to 5%. Regardless, it’s money back. I use this one the most and regularly receive checks for $20-$50. Effort expended totals clicking an icon before I start shopping. It doesn’t get much easier than this. They affiliate with around 1,200 stores and a lot of those stores offer in-store pick up on the same day. You have the option to have a check mailed to you or a paypal direct deposit. You could even have it sent to a friend! Checks or deposits are made quarterly once your rebate exceeds $5. They will also pay you $25 to sign up your friends and family! (click the link below to sign up).
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


I recently signed up here and so can’t give you as much personal experience. They do things based off of a point system. Every dollar you spend converts to so many points. There are also several other ways to earn points. From taking surveys to watching videos; every thing earns points. Cash out comes in the form of gift cards at your choice of several different retailers. I chose a paypal deposit and $100 is 15,870 points. It comes out to 158.7 points per dollar. They also offer a referral program that kind of resembles a pyramid system. You get points when your friend signs up. Then you also get 10% of the points they earn.


BeFrugal also offers a browser icon to make things even easier. They have around 4,000 stores and their website is worth a visit. They collect coupons and sales all in one interactive site. This makes it easy for you to combine coupons with their cash back and the stores own sales all in one place.  Befrugal pays by check, paypal, or amazon gift card.I’m not sure what the pay out limit to have a check mailed is. Paypal deposits can be cashed out as little as 0.01 and Amazon will actually add 1% to your gift card. They will also pay you $10 to sign up and an additional $10 for anyone else you get to sign up.

BeFrugal Members


Checkout51 is great! You go to the site and click through what you’re already buying. When you’re done shopping you upload your receipt. It’s that simple. They give you money for buying what you were going to anyway. When you reach $20 make a request and they send you a check. It’s coupon clipping with out having to buy a newspaper or spend the time going through all the ads!

This is not a full list of rebate sites, but rather an example of what you can do. You won’t get rich signing up for these offers but it is a way to get your money back home.

and turns into dollars!


What do you do to get some extra moolah?



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